Mr. Slim® Split-ductless A/C and Heat Pumps

Indoor Unit:

Mr. Slim Indoor Unit

Outdoor Unit:

Mr. Slim Outdoor Unit

No matter what your cooling or heating needs are, Mr. Slim Split-ductless Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps by Mitsubishi Electric can make any room in your home or office more comfortable. Mr. Slim is more efficient than conventional through-the-wall units because it is composed of separate indoor air handling and outdoor compressor units with only electrical and refrigerant lines between them, instead of having the unit mounted through the wall, allowing heat transfer between the outdoors and the conditioned areas. This also simplifies retrofit installations as there is no major construction needed as for through-the-wall units.

Mr. Slim Split-ductless A/C and Heat Pumps utilize the latest technology to profide maximum efficiency and quiet operation.

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